Creative masterpieces of drones - ALBAKRI DRONEAerial photography, video and editing services

Creative Masterpieces Drones Foundation
Aerial photography, video and editing services

We have the creative masterpieces of drones ALBAKRI DRONE The latest drone with high-resolution cameras and experts in aerial photography in a distinguished, professional manner
For owners of companies and real estate or commercial projects, you can benefit from the aerial photography service to show your commercial facilities in a clear way
Clear and distinctive for your customers, with high imaging accuracy and professionalism in capturing video and still images inside and outside your commercial facilities, in addition to
To professional photography using the latest professional photographic cameras and experts in photography and montage.

We delight in the creative masterpieces of drones ALBAKRI DRONE To provide you with aerial photography service using the latest drones - the drone- With huge 4K and 8K imaging capabilities for hyperlapse, in addition to photography of all kinds: panorama 180 - panorama 360 - A vertical panorama of the towers from a height of up to 1000 metres
In addition to video filming and artistic montage services .

Work area

We are currently working in Jeddah . Business outside Jeddah may require travel expenses. Please contact for more details.